Dear Clients, We appreciate your business, and THANK YOU for booking all your travel needs with us! All tours, including casino trips, require you to have STATE or FEDERAL issued photo identification. Gambling tours require guests to be 21 YEARS OF AGE at the time of departure. PARKING AT PICK UP LOCATIONS IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Trinity VIP Travel and/or the proprietors of these locations, are not responsible for damage, theft, or towing of any vehicle. OVERNIGHT HOTEL STAYS: When traveling with Trinity overnight, you do not need to check in or out of the hotel. We will take care of the check-in and check-out procedures on your behalf. This includes express check-outs and check-outs via in-room television. 
Expenses NOT INCLUDED in your trip costs are gratuities and hotel incidentals including but not limited to phone calls, mini bar, and room service. PLEASE PAY ALL INCIDENTALS BEFORE YOU DEPART FROM THE HOTEL.

CANCELLATIONS & REFUND POLICY: We know unforeseen circumstances arise. It is highly recommended that you purchase private travel insurance such as Travel Guard, Allianz, or AAA. Any trips cancelled by Trinity VIP Travel will result in a refund, less 3% credit card . Day trips are non-refundable. All tours must be cancelled 30 days prior to the date of departure in order to receive a full refund (less 3% credit card fee, if applicable) ​unless a cancellation waiver was purchased.   CANCELLATION WAIVER PROTECTION:
(available for tours up to $350 per person ONLY) The Cancellation Waiver is $15.00 per person and is NON-REFUNDABLE 30 days prior to departure date. Rooms at double/triple occupancy require all parties on the reservation to purchase the waiver.

​The Cancellation Waiver guarantees: - A full refund or credit (less 3% credit card fee (if applicable) and waiver fee) for cancellations made five business days prior to departure date by 5 p.m.


Policies and Cancellations

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